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Meet our Sponsors FinTRU

At Grosvenor we are very fortunate to have the generous support of a number of local businesses. Next in our 'Meet our Sponsors' series we feature our principal sponsor FinTrU, the multi-award winning financial services company.

Who are FinTrU?

Founded in 2013 we are a RegTech company headquartered in Northern Ireland, with over 900 employees across Belfast, Derry/Londonderry, London, Dublin and New York.

What exactly do you do?

Specialising in the areas of KYC, Compliance, Legal, Risk & Controls, we design technology-enabled solutions for Investment Banks all around the world to ensure that they meet their regulatory obligations.

What market changes/ opportunities do you see for FinTrU in the next few years?

Expansion is part of the mantra at FinTrU. Our clients can be situated anywhere in the world and although we can work remotely we are always looking to set up areas where we can be located closer to our clients to offer added value in our service. Over the next few years, we envisage several more FinTrU locations around the world.

What’s it like to work for FinTrU?

Despite the ever-growing number of employees, FinTrU is a close-knit network where you will get to know hundreds of people around the company. This is not only through the day-to-day business and range of projects but through the vast amount of clubs and societies available with which to get involved. The social aspect of the company is a huge part of our DNA and success.

How can I find out about job opportunities at FinTrU?

You can find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but to get a real feel for what life is like at FinTrU and to see all career paths, including our financial academies for graduates, visit

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