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GRFC Last Man Standing

The first round of this seasons Last man standing starts this Friday 19th of February.

Entry £10     Prize: Winners Prize - £300 (or half the ‘pot’)


  •  Pay £10 once only when entering.

  • Members who enter 5 or more family & friends (non-members) will not have to pay their own entry fee.  

  • Round 2 will begin on ‘Friday 19th February 2021’ & Includes all Premiership games played that weekend. See opposite for that weekends fixtures.

  • Out of the 20 Premiership teams, pick one to win and email the below before 1.00pm on the Friday before the weekend’s fixtures.

  • You may pick each team only once.

  • Every week, each participant will receive an update email showing the results from the previous week indicating who remains, what teams you have picked to date and that weekends fixtures.  A second email will then be sent out on a Friday for you to check the selections you have made.

  • Only if your team wins do you carry on into the next round. (A loss or draw means you are eliminated).      

  • Repeat the above until there is ‘One Man/Woman’ remaining.

  • Failure to enter any week will mean you are given your next available team in alphabetical order.

  • If all remaining participants go out during a game week they (and only them) will be re-entered the following week to play again. 

  • If the same scenario repeats itself the following week i.e. all remaining participants go out in two consecutive weeks, then the pot of money will be split between those and only those participants.

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