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Defeat to Cooke

It might sound like the needle is stuck but despite another loss, this was a really good performance from Grosvenor. This will be of little consolation for the boys in that they need league points by whatever way they can get them. As admitted by their officials afterwards, the visitors were rattled and were delighted  to come away with a win. As was the case with the game at Shaws bridge, the Cooke pack was the dominant factor. In my opinion, they have probably the best scrum in Championship 1.  Grosvenor were forced to concede 8 scrum penalties, one of which resulted in a penalty try. For one reset situation to be such a dominating factor in a game is unfortunate as no other situation can have such a devastating effect on the outcome of a game. Excluding this factor, we had an even game where Grosvenor gave as good as they got. An excellent back move resulted in Jack Kennedy sprinting over and a lineout drive saw Stuart Smyth over as well. Timmy McMullan was successful with both conversions and a 40 metre penalty.

Grosvenor are noticeable by their youth and their resolve. Their defensive qualities are exceptional and their tackle count is phenomenal but these stats display an obvious factor, that the opposition  often control possession for long periods. Teams know that our scrum may be vulnerable but they also know that they have to work very hard to get over our line. We have lost 4 games by a margin of 10 points or less and four games by 10-20 points. Some of those games could and should have been won. Little encouragement to players or coaches at present, but we are not far away.


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